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April 6th

Drill practice, at the monument, for the Sunset Ceremony.

The rhythm of the marching dominates the landscape; regardless, you can distinguish the footfall of those other soldiers, from so long ago.




Do we detect a piratical "Arrrghghghghghgh."

emanating from our Navy boys?

Three-quarters of the crack, and not the least bit morbid, forensic team, left to right, Laurel Clegg, Janet Roy and Dr Carney Matheson. Steve, (back row) is an historian who is particularly keen on the bagpipes. Dr Ken Reynolds, the forth member, is absent.

April 7th

Private Peterson's burial, Padre McLean officiating.


The first of the seven steps which are required to fold the flag.

His maple casket was brought from Canada. I was given a rose from his bouquet, for he was the date who brung me.

Gently laying Private Herbert Peterson to rest.

Private Peterson's medals

Patrice, the Contingent Drum Major, and I.

Marshall, proud father of Summer-Rose.

The unveiling, Hotel L 'Univers', Arras, with Private Peterson's descendants, Doreen Bargholz and Herbert Peterson. It was too bad that Brigadier-General Poulter, who really was on the left, was not included in the shot. He had graciously accepted 'Representative of Their Numbers' on behalf of the troops.

April 7th

The Vimy Ridge Sunset Ceremony March On.

The WWll Veterans' bus with police escort.

Left to right, LCol Scott Attridge, Musical Director, Paul Creally and the two Embersons.


Air Command Band

From left, Scott Poll, Stu is in the second row, unknown musician, Al Alberts and only a bit of Marielle.


Pipes and Drums

The Naval Guns

The colour began to shift, just as the troops were assembling.

At the end of the ceremony, the towers were pink-kissed.

. . . but just before that, as the pipes played 'Ode to Joy', the towers glowed this radiant gold.

Every Canadian deserves to make the pilgrimage to Vimy Ridge. It will nourish your soul.

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